Persist into the unknown.

In any athletic endeavor there is a moment in which self-doubt creeps up. You start to move, your body becomes aware of itself, your breath deepens, sweat forms, muscles begin to ache with anticipation and fatigue, and then the voice in your head grows louder, “I can’t do this!” That voice is there for all of us. It asks us why we persist, and maybe even why to begin at all.

Being mindful of the “I can’t” voice is an important step to dealing with adversity and overcoming obstacles. The practice of getting better at anything or getting through misfortune requires a mastery of this voice. I have some suggestions for waking up to the reality that we currently face and any reality for that matter. What we always have is a choice in how we see the difficulty. We can choose to be the best versions of ourselves or let the idle force of doubt overtake the will to drive on.

  1. Take the time to connect with yourself. Understand that the many emotions and waves of feelings that will come and go throughout this struggle have the potential to derail you. Breathe in. Breathe out. See the feelings and emotions as clouds in your sky that come and go.
  2. Stick to the script. If it did not click into place last week, that is okay. Try, try again.
  3. Know your reason why. Victor Frankly, author of A Man’s Search For Meaning, says that with the right why you can get through any how. He survived the Holocaust by reminding himself that his story was unique, and that his survival would mean that he could pass along this perspective and help the many who would hear his voice.
  4. Find voices that encourage you. Do not surround yourself with the anarchists and conspiracy theorists. Enrich your mind, strengthen your body, and connect with those that help one another.

Today COVID_19 is at a critical mass. Our hospitals are not full, but everyday more of the sick arrive. The maximum number will not be reached today or tomorrow. Stay home. We will flatten the curve. We will get through this.

Be safe. Be well.

What would your grandmother do?

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