How to use the iPhone for step counting

Those that have an Iphone have access to the health app which can be useful during these times of pandemic. It has the ability to track your steps, stairs climbed, and running/walking distance.

  1. Open the Health app and click “Show All Health Data”.
  2. Tap on each of the Fitness categories and enable the three currently functional sections:
    • Select “Walking + Running Distance” and click “Add to Favorites”.
    • Choose “Steps” and click “Add to Favorites”.
    • Go to “Flights Climbed” and click the same “Add to Favorites”.
  3. Tap back to the All Health Data section to see the three functions and click each one to see their respective charts.


The steps feature is fairly accurate as long as you have the iPone with you whether it is in your pocket, or in your hand.

Set a goal for yourself whether that be number of steps, how many minutes you walk/run, or the distance that you walk/run.

One response to “How to use the iPhone for step counting”

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