Phase 1 – (Returning to the Office)

As a first line of contact with our team, Columbia Orthopedics will continue to offer telehealth visit for patients. However, the offices will be reopening in a limited fashion on Monday, May 18th following guidelines which continue to enforce physical distancing. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable coming into the office when an in-person visit is warranted. We will be screening, and limiting visitors to avoid exposing outpatient spaces to coronavirus.

You must arrive on-time for your appointment so that we can limit traffic and maintain a flow of visitors to a clean room. Should you need imaging, such as x-rays, we ask that you arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your appointment for the same reason.  People will be brought immediately to a clean room as they are called in by phone. All patients should complete their intake questionnaires prior to their appointment via ‘my chart’ along with check-in via the app when you arrive to the parking lot. This step is essential and there will be no paper or kiosk check-in as was previously the norm. Patients who do not have access to electronic check-in via the app should call the office directly to notify us so that we can help coordinate this step. In Englewood, the number is 201-569-0440 ext 4, and in Midtown at 51st Street, the number in 212-326-3341.  Please remain in your cars, or outside of the office until the front desk staff notifies you via phone call that we are ready for you.  There will be no waiting room access, you will go immediately to a clean room upon entering the building.

Pediatric patients (17 and under), and those who require physical or cognitive assistance may be accompanied by 1 person. Only in the above circumstances should any visitor other than the patient enter the building. We ask that all other family members remain in their cars or other designated meeting area outside of the offices during the appointment. Temperature checks will be performed on site for all that enter the office. Everyone should wear a face covering – if your face covering is visibly soiled, a new one will be provided. There will be sanitizing stations throughout the office, along with sinks in every room that are available for handwashing.

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