Mindfulness Update during COVID Pandemic


Hi everybody. Today I want to talk a little bit about waves of grief and the way in which we’re all dealing with this and pandemic and crisis where people are out of work isolated and lonely. I think it’s important for us all to find meeting in this crisis. I had a meeting yesterday with our department and wanted to share this on a wider scale so that others can maybe take something of importance out of it.

 We talked a little bit about Viktor Frankl.  Viktor Frankl was a Nazi camp Survivor psychiatrist who wrote of his experiences. He’s well known for basically saying that with the right ‘why’ you can get through any ‘how’.  In other words, if you have meaning, if you have a purpose you can deal with any obstacle, any struggle that comes your way. In our conversation with uncertainty came up and uncertainty is something that when we are looking at the world it is all around us, but at times of crisis in pandemic at remembering 911 some period of time there was this terrible uncertainty of what would happen; what did happen; what will we do; how will we respond; how will the world change. I think that we need to find a shared purpose again. Like we did during 9/11. I think we need to come together and understand what we’re trying to accomplish.

 When I wear a mask in a public setting, that’s me protecting you as much as anything else. This is us coming together as a herd. When we have meaning in our actions – understanding our Actions, our Activities, are definitely going to affect our families & friends, Our neighbors, our communities and the world in general. I think that’ll help us to approach how we deal with reopening.

How are we going to deal with small business, medium-sized businesses, government organizations, schools together to overcome this? How are we going to get back to activity in a way that’s safe? The virus isn’t going to go away anytime soon. We know the virus will change and that we will learn more about immunity as antibody testing improves, but that is not the focus of this post.

I really want to focus on meaning. So when you’re overwhelmed with thoughts, slow down, take a deep breath, hold and release. You can do something called, box-breathing: breathing in 4 seconds, then hold 4 seconds, then out 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and repeat. You can do variations of that. I’m a big fan of biofeedback with heart rate variability. Stay tuned for more on biofeedback in a future video, but for now just following your breath and taking a moment to recapture and regain control of something that’s within your reach can help.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs are,  whatever your background, it’s meaning that makes us human. It is finding a  shared story and a shared purpose – and in this moment – our shared purpose of protecting one another. 

We live with uncertainty from the moment we realize we are alive. For most of us, that happened sometime in pre-adolescence. We realize the tenuousness of our existence as we grow up in our adulthood and when we have our own children. We see the fragility of life and the frailty of what we know about the world. So when we focus on those things in life beyond the pandemic, we find ways to deal with that uncertainty that is productive. Like the foo fighters said, “no one’s getting out of here alive.” Mother Nature is going to catch up to us all, but we have to have some shared purpose and shared meaning before that happens while we’re standing in the face of fear. We can find the heroic nature that makes us what we are. 

So today I’d like you to focus on that and then be aware of your breath, be aware of what you can control, and let’s find a shared purpose. Let’s find a shared meaning. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Be well. Be safe.


One response to “Mindfulness Update during COVID Pandemic”

  1. Linda Caserts Avatar
    Linda Caserts

    Very reassuring and comforting video. We all have to relax and reflect while being cautious. Thank you for all your hard work, knowledge and empathy in these difficult times.


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