Communication Corner – Email Barrage

If you are like me, then you have a love/hate relationship with email. Mostly hate. Except when you are the sender and need to communicate something to someone.

The concern about an email inbox that is never ceasing and ever more time-consuming is no trivial matter. In fact it is identified as a driver of burnout and inefficiency that can cost a medical system MILLIONS of dollars, & no, I am not exaggerating (click that link for data from the peer reviewed Neurology, Clinical Practice).

Consider your responsibility as a sender. Think about strategies, such as setting aside set times during your work day to check email. Set a timer to limit your engagement with your inbox to prevent hijacking real productivity for the pseudo-efficiency of answering endless email.

This is where my original writing will end and I will now direct you to the “EMAIL CHARTER” – try it out {below there are some more links to videos and great ideas for improving your life by more effectively dealing with email}.

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