Don’t get caught in the hype

Social media is a blessing and a curse.  We have unlimited access to data and connectivity.  With overwhelming voices it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.  Conspiracy theories somehow excite something inside of us, but the reality of the actual pandemic is harsh and it is necessary to be 100% present so that we can act as one.  Drowning yourself in rabbit holes of information is a release from the inharmonious echoes of virulence, social isolation, and COVID-19 that is in every space we enter.

When dealing with our children and young ones it is important to provide information in ways that can be digested.  We have tried to spend time addressing each of their fears and concerns.  We also have to balance requests to see friends, go out, participate in the world that has been dampened by the school closings here in New York City and beyond.  We played yahtzee last night.  While not a raging success, it was a nice break from all of this.  Meals are an opportunity to sit and reinform misconceptions, reassure them that our government, organizations, and we as their parents are 100% in this with them and will find ways to minimize risk.  Of course all of this while reminding them to wash their hands, not touch their faces, and practice social distance.

The supermarket shelves are empty in some places, but stores have announced preparations for restoring the supply chain as well as modifications to schedules to allow seniors secured time to shop. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables and having enough is a concern.  But those charged with shipping, delivering and stocking our store’s shelves will be in action.  This is not the apocalypse.  It is a time where we need to band together, avoid panic, and work together.  Get what you need.  Keep some canned goods, dry foods, and plan for about two weeks in case you have to quarantine.

“Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate.”
– Michael Leavitt

Lastly, getting outdoors for a bit of exercise, of course remaining cognizant of social distance is a healthy option.  There have been critics stating that exercising outdoors is selfish.  This is NOT true.  Fresh air, sun, light exercise all stimulate the immune system and overall health of individuals.  Stay of crowded spaces.  Stay away from parks with shared equipment.  Find a bike path, trail to run, or go for a walk outside.  It is difficult enough to be stuck at home for a period of time.  A bit of time in the elements can be a nice new habit to get started with now.

Here is a fact sheet for creating a healthy environment at home during COVID-19


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